TechiesUSA is a part of the TechData USA group. We focus on providing accessible top-level IT service at both the individual and small business levels.

With TechiesUSA you are in control; you pick the service you need, the IT professional you trust, and the price you want.

About Our Techies

Our Techies have a minimum of two years of hands-on experience in their chosen field of operation. We verify each and every Techie through a specialized process that includes several levels of verification of skills and vendor certifications. Our process also allows us to select Techies from an almost infinite variety of specialties, helping us to offer our customers the best service possible.

TechiesUSA makes a promise of efficient and safe interactions with our Techies and as such, each Techie undergoes a vigorous background check before being admitted to our ranks.

How Does It Work?

At TechiesUSA we pride ourselves on being able to offer high-quality services to anyone who may require them, whether it be setting up a new printer to implementing new security protocols at a network level. We are able to do this by taking advantage of the immense amount and variety of skill at the hands of our Techies.

From the moment, you begin entering the type of service you need, our proprietary algorithm will search our database of Techies to find one that matches all of your criteria of technical skill, proximity, experience, and, of course, price.

Once you complete your order, we provide real-time tracking updates so you know exactly when your Techie will arrive. Once the Techie arrives we allow you to choose when the job is finished, ensuring that no customer is left with a partially completed request.

Our Mission

For too long, individuals and small businesses alike have been separated from the world of IT professionals and TechiesUSA aims to change that! No longer are our customers left to pack up and transport their own equipment to a big box store that will take weeks to partially resolve their problems, nor will our customers have to pay absurd prices for quality service.

We at TechiesUSA want to bring the world of IT into the hands of everyday people. Thanks to our continuously growing network of Techies and our proprietary algorithms, we are able to find an IT professional to complete nearly every service request that is willing to come to you at the price you choose!

In the constantly evolving world, our customers need to know that their computer related needs will be met in a friendly, efficient, and affordable manner and TechiesUSA is proud to say that we are there to do just that!

Our Promise

TechiesUSA holds a strong view that knowledge is power. As such, a portion of all of our proceeds will go towards helping make education more accessible to those who strive to better themselves and others. For more information about our charitable acts and to see where our donations go, contact us at cs@techiesusa.com

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